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Coronavirus Infection Analysis

Research and Hypothesis for Creating Three Isopathic Cell Signaling Formulas
for Coronavirus Relief
(Prophylactic, Symptomatic, Severe)

Exposure – Infection – Inflammation – Pneumonia – Pulmonary Failure – Mortality


There is currently no effective pharmaceutical or vaccine therapy yet available to deal with the CoVID-19 pandemic. Even the seasonal Influenza Type A (IAV) vaccine was only 29% overall effective in 2019, per the CDC. Numerous researchers have concluded that any and all potentially viable therapeutic modalities must be considered when dealing with highly pathogenic viral infections. It was to address this urgent need that Leptica Research did this analysis on coronavirus, especially to determine if cell signaling factors (CSFs) might play a role in creating potentially effective isoenergetic cell signaling™ Cell Function Activator™ medicine(s) to use with exposure to CoVID-19 . That question has been answered in this white paper, and Leptica Research has accomplished the task of creating three safe (no side effects) and cost-effective formulas (Prophylactic, Symptomatic and Severe, which cost 17¢, $1.75 and $3.00 per person per day, respectively) that have a high probability of being clinically effective. Collaborator Comments and Clinical Experiences with isoenergetic cell signaling™ Cell Function Activator™ medicines follow the author’s Epilogue at the end of this paper, as do brief biographical sketches of both the author and collaborator.

For the complete white paper, please go to our Coronavirus Infection Analysis page.
You may also download the white paper as a PDF file.